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I approached Yu-wen about two years ago because I needed to lose some weight. After looking at my

eating habits for a few weeks, he put together a complete, personalized programme for me, consisting of cardio, weight and resistance training and a change of diet. And it worked. I managed to lose over 10kg and then stabilize my weight. I felt better, slept better and had new clothes made to fit the "new me". On my own, without Yu-wen's enthusiasm and friendly guidance, I couldn't have done it.



Jorg Dietzel

Head of Marketing, Audi Korea

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I've been training with Yu-wen for two and a half years. My original goal was to get fit again and get more non-work balance into my life. Once I had met those objectives I started to focus on building strength and stamina. Yu-wen is always cheerful and motivating. He plans exercise routines thoughtfully and intelligently, but is sensitive to energy levels and limits and can improvise to meet my needs as they emerge in a session. This makes working out with him both fun and productive! I have also gained more independence, discipline and confidence in my own exercise routines through working with Yu-wen.


Patrick, 53

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When I first joined Yu-wen for personal training I weighed 76kg, it was an extremely difficult start for me so Yu-wen planned out simple exercises and slowly increased the intensity to help with weight loss. He also sat down and discussed nutritional plans and goal setting too. The importance of goal setting helped me to monitor my progress and also allows myself to treats once in a while when a goal had been met. Yu-wen taught me how to plan my diet efficiently. To my surprise, diet control played a key role in weight loss as the results were more prominent after I had started on the diet Yu-wen planned.

He had variety of exercises that made according to the goals that were set and also the progress that I had made. From interval trainings to weights training, it was never boring. There was always something new to look forward to, yes although it is tiring and some days you are just not in the mood for a vigorous exercise. At the end of the session I always felt in a happier, I used the workout as a de-stressing opportunity. 








All in all I felt that training with Yu-wen changed my life, from a whooping 76kg to 54kg. Slowly adjusting goals to more of fat percentage monitoring and also forming definitive muscles so that they wouldn't look flabby. I am currently overseas but I still follow the exercises he taught me. When I come back for holidays, I do continue trainings with him as training alone is a huge difference when there is no one to push you to your limits. Yu Wen does that and I strongly recommend anyone with any level of fitness to tryout a session with him.

Fok Kawai, Student

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Yu-wen is not your typical or textbook style trainer. He works on both your physical and mental state. he clearly knows what works, what motivates and he clears any mental blocks that is obstructing your progress - very often problems that are unconscious to ourselves.

As I stop giving excuses and face myself in the mirror each day, my trust in him grows as I slowly see the improvement on my physical fitness . After training for some time, I am glad to have also gained a friend who genuinely cares for my well-being as much as I do myself.


Lo Kai Jie

General Manager, LimoCars

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After many years of online gaming and away from the army, i found myself in a very bad situation where i have landed myself in the obese category. Since then, I was desperately trying to lose weight and tried many ways such as running, cycling, swimming working with different fitness consultants, all sorts of silly diets, weight loss pills etc even consulted an aesthetician to help me with weight issue
but to no avail. Each time i looked at myself in the mirror, i lost hope. i started feeling very insecure about the way i look and lost all my self confidence.

My sister was then training with Yu-wen, her bowling colleague. at the back of my mind, i have already lost all hope and felt skeptical but i decided to take a leap of faith and give this guy a try.
Yu-wen is professional and also very passionate about training his clients at the same time. He is also very patient with my whining and complains.









Every time i walk into the gym, he is always in high spirits and full of good positive energy ready for anything attitude.
Training with Yu-wen has really benefitted me in many ways. Thanks to him, i am now 70kg down from 93kg in just 3 months.

I am now very happy with my new found healthy lifestyle and also am very confident with the way i look in front of the mirror. i can also pass my annual IPPT tests with ease!
What i like best about training with Yu-Wen is how fast and easy it was for me to achieve both the short term and the long term goals which i first set out to.
I have been training with Yu-Wen for 3 years now and am working towards another goal which is to improve my speed and agility for my sports.
I would highly recommend New:Yu to anyone who is facing weight issues or genuinely seeking to enhance their lifestyle, this is definitely the place to help you in achieving those goals.


Fok Kean Jeong

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When we first trained with Yu-wen as a couple, we wanted to get fitter through regular exercise while spending more time together. Our sessions with Yu-wen over the years, proved to be one of the most rewarding investments we have made in ourselves.


I was barely breathing as I climbed up an overhead bridge but for Kit, he had no problems in exercising but he would sometimes turn pale instead of sporting the after-workout glow on his face. On a friend's recommendation, we finally met up with Yu-wen for our first session. For someone who has not run in 10 years due to a sports injury on my knee, I had my fears in going to a gym. Thankfully, Yu-wen's warm personality made us feel at ease immediately. After a discussion of our medical and fitness history, Yu-wen promptly came up with a few personal goals that we could work towards. Our first goal was to build up strength in my legs. This would stop me from avoiding activities that involves putting weight on my knee.


It was a lot of mental coaching from Yu-wen as well as physical training. We also looked into our daily diet. Yu-wen advised us on healthier options that we could consider for our meals. As our fitness improved, we felt more confident and positive about ourselves. Kit became so motivated that he actually started exercising on his own, in addition to the weekly gym session with Yu-wen. Yu-wen helped us push ourselves to limits that we never thought was possible. Today, I can easily run 2.4km without worrying that my reconstructed knee would give way.


Most importantly, Yu-wen's holistic approach to a healthier and fitter mind, body and soul prepared us for a new chapter of our life with our first new born.



Kit & Maddie, A happy couple

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