Sonia was born and raised in Malaysia until she moved to Singapore in 1988 and became a Singapore citizen in 1998.

She spent most of here time working in the Food and Beverage Industry including 12 years with the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, known worldwide for its attention to customer service.

In 2003 Sonia saw a promotion for True Yoga and she was interested in giving it a try and yoga instantly became a new passion in her life. Over the New Year she spread the message of yoga and influenced over 20 friends to take up this ancient art form.

Over the next few years Sonia continued to develop a strong practice for yoga and a burning desire to take a teacher training course in India and become a certified yoga Instructor.

Her dream became a reality in July of 2010 along with two other yoga friends when she traveled to Nashik, India to attend a teacher training program at the famed “Yoga Vidya Gurukul”.

Sonia is now living her dream teaching group and private lessons around Singapore and has participated in other yoga programs in Bail, Indonesia, Boracay, Philippines, Michigan, U.S.A. and Hong Kong.

Sonia specializes in teaching Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Power yoga classes.