We provide a comprehensive range of services, from PERSONAL TRAINING, COUPLE TRAINING, WEIGHT LOSS TRAINING, MUSCLE TONING TRAINING, CORE STRENGTHENING TRAINING & PRE & POST SPORTS MASSAGE. We believe that everyone has different needs at different stages in their lives.



Personal Training is a way to really focus on your workout with someone motivating you without any other distractions. It's a great way to workout knowing that you will get a great training session because you will have most of your focus from your trainer. At new:yu it's not just training. We'll make sure you have fun too during your workout.



Couple Training is the better solution if you are feeling nervous of training alone with the trainer. Why not have a more familiar person like your buddy/partner to join the fun session with you. It does have a different kind of motivation as you will be laughing and panting, but the next thing you know, your session is over. 



This is a program where you will really wanna push yourself and see those results. It's a high intensity program with sufficient weights to increase the difficulty of the workout. The attitude towards this is "HANG IN THERE". And when the hardwork pays off we're sure you'll feel happy and proud of your achievment.



Muscle Toning will result in deeper definition of your muscles making them tighter and more visibly defined. This type of workout is generally in high demand. Who wouldn't you want that. 



Core strengthening is probably one of the most important objectives for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are young or old. Core strengthing helps by stablizing your body and improving your posture.

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