sports massage

If you are active in sports or have an injury, sports massage is much recommended as the technique of treating is different from any kind of massage eg, swedish massage, foot reflexlogy. 



Massage applied to serious athletes for training, injury prevention, rehab, pre and post event strategies. Working too deep before an event may leave them weak and unable to compete. They work themselves to exhaustion and do it all over the next day. 


Orthopaedic massage is for people who want to be active in their own health maintenance or recovery. It help wellness massage clients relax and maintain optimum health. It gives our medical massage clients—those with chronic pain or injuries—individualized combinations of clinical and massage techniques.




Pricing (Ala Carte)


15 mins - $30


30 mins - $60


Package (10 sessions of 30 mins - $500) which can be used for 15 mins too!


Current PT clients


15 mins -$25


30 mins $50




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